What if you get the tools to easily live the life you have always dreamed off?

Energy!Coaching is the perfect match for women & men, entrepreneurs & leaders, who are ready for a change in their life & careers!

We empower you to open up your heart, to live your mission & contribute to joyful relations. We empower you to be the leader and entrepreneur to grow & move people.

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What if your people are empowered to be the change in your organization & environment?

We empower your people to make their change in unique and new ways possible! We support you to develop a successful culture of joy & togetherness in your organization. Our change processes are designed to inspire, give help to self-help and gain experiences in taking courageous new steps together. 

Get inspired & connected to start the projects that transform your organization, team and environment in the fields of business, education, politics & society.

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What if training is a joyful & active experience of togetherness & growth?

In our e!Academy you as a teen, talent, leader, team or entrepreneur learn the wandelzeitMethod® – a new way of empowerment full of fun, adventure, stories & knowledge from science.

We empower you & your team to erase your boundaries and to be conscious & joyful with yourself and with others. We show you how to tell your story and shine with your mission, so that you attract others. We empower you to find the right partners and strategic steps for your future projects.

We offer an open program online & offline! For your organization we create exciting & effective trainings to serve your special needs. 

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What if you delete your blockages & balance your body & mind?

In our EnergyRooms you experience with our energetic body processes that opinions, restrictions, judgements & emotions which are still holding you back, will be deleted. Fresh creation energy, wellbeing, joy, ease, creativity & performance will come back to your body and life.

Your body & mind relax and get balanced again!

We create EnergyRooms

 in your company
at your events
in our trainings

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