Ricarda Droop



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I am passionate about WANDEL! It is my driving force!

My mission is to grow, connect and move people! I love to be inspired by people with fresh ideas, actualize them in projects, contributing to a new relationship culture & sustainable future.

Before I started my entrepreneurial path with the wandelzeit.group, I experienced the insights of corporates within the industry sector by leading strategic & restructuring projects for well known management consulting companies and the Deutsche Bahn AG. I discovered very early that change needs the capability & creative ideas to move people and connect topics with human transformation. As a Culture Change Manager at the Deutsche Bahn AG, I started innovative change projects to move people in participative ways.

During that times I found out how much joy, ease,  inspiration and success you as a woman can bring to a men-dominated table, when you unlock and live your feminine power, stay curious and shine.

Grown up in the Rheinland area, where I also achieved my master in business administration at the RWTH Aachen, there is still a vibrant & curious kid in me, curious about the next adventure in life. One of the reason I actively support the movement „Schule im Aufbruch“.

I am a listener & seer of people’s potential and love to be inspired by others. My daughter and family are great inspirations for me. We live together in Potsdam.


Dr. Dorit Bosch



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As a lawyer with a PhD, I am responsible for strategy development and innovation at the wandelzeit.group. I am passionate about turning complex situations into simple solutions, with a view to creating sustainable and innovative change. In my eyes, social participation is the key for the reform of public administration. Having held various positions in public administration, I have extensive experience in driving change in the public security sector.

I was born and raised as a member of a German minority in Romania. Growing up in an environment of cultural diversity, as well as later integrating into German culture, has significantly influenced both my personality and my working style. I believe that this diverse background allows me to contribute to developing a value-based and future-oriented Germany and Europe.

I live with my patchwork family in Potsdam and Berlin and am a passionate mother of two boys.



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